Best Poster Award ICAR 2018

Tra i lavori accettati come "Poster", 15 abstract sono stati selezionati per partecipare al “Best Poster Award”, il riconoscimento di ICAR al miglior poster presentato al Congresso.
Il vincitore verrà annunciato in occasione della Cerimonia di chiusura giovedì 24 maggio, in Auditorium dalle ore 16.15 alle ore 16.45.

Come si svolge?

In Sede Congressuale i 15 poster selezionati saranno riconoscibili attraverso una coccarda; un'apposita Commissione valuterà i lavori in due momenti congressuali:

  • Mercoledi 23 maggio dalle 12.30 alle 13.30
  • Giovedi 24 maggio dalle 12.30 alle 13.30

Gli Autori sono invitati a presenziare a fianco al proprio poster per l’incontro con la Commissione, negli orari sopra indicati.

Abstract selezionati

P 1 - Liver enzyme elevations according to the first line cART regimen: real life data from the ICONA cohort - Lucia Taramasso, Genova

P 24 - HIV infection, but not HAART, is independently associated with increased aortic stiffness and early vascular aging - Michele Trizzino, Palermo

P 43 - Quantiferon-TB in HIV-positive patients: prognostic values and factors associated with indeterminate results - Veronica Pirriatore, Torino

P 53 - Prevalence of thyroid diseases in a cohort of HIV-infected people of Northern Italy - Martina Properzi, Brescia

P 92 - HIV infection among transgender patients: our experience - Chiara Papalini, Perugia

P 93 - Acceptability of HIV rapid test: comparison of capillary whole blood test and oral fluid test in outpatient service for migrants in Italy - Giacomina Chiaradia, Roma

P 105 - "Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of HIV-infected patients lost to follow up (LTFU) and re-engaged in care: a single-cohort observational study in Northern Italy" - Agnese Comelli, Brescia

P 106 - Retention in care of HIV-positive patients from 2005 to 2014: comparison between Italian and non Italian patients - Chiara Gabrielli, Perugia

P 107 - Elvitegravir, cobicistat, emtricitabine, and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate for post-HIV exposure prophylaxis: a safe option - Alfredo Franco, Napoli

P 124 - No impact of minor accessory mutations to Integrase strand transfer inhibitors (InSTI) on cART effectiveness after 24 weeks of follow-up: a longitudinal single-cohort study - Anna Celotti, Brescia

P 139 - Access to anti-HCV treatment with DAAs in the migrant population in Italy: data from the Piter cohort - Davide Bavaro, Bari

P 140 - The motivation analysis of the HIV-infected patients to spontaneous access to the hospital psychotherapy service in San Raffaele Hospital - Maria Monica Ratti, Milano

P 147 - Educational and training initiatives increase participants’ competence about HIV - Laura Rancilio, Milano

P 148 - Alcohol use disorder in HIV infected people - Michele Scarzella, Alessandria

P 158 - The role of HIV protease inhibitors on mesenchymal stem cells in vitro differentiation - Sonia De Rose, Milano