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Sarà possibile inviare abstract per il 10° Congresso ICAR esclusivamente online attraverso il sito web ufficiale: www.icar2018.it.
Al momento della sottomissione, l'autore potrà scegliere tra le seguenti tematiche:

MARCH 19, 2018
| Salva in agenda | Abstract Form |
  • Antiretroviral therapy (randomized trials, observational studies and new strategies)
  • Bacterial and fungal infections in immunocompromised host
  • Clinical HIV
  • Clinical Hepatitis
  • Coinfections/sexually transmitted infections
  • Comorbidities HIV and HCV
  • DAAs therapy in HCV (randomized trials, observational studies and new strategies)
  • Gender issues
  • HCV eradication and model to access to care
  • Hepatitis Clinical diagnostics
  • Hepatitis Epidemiology
  • Hepatitis Pathogenesis
  • Hepatitis Treatment
  • HIV-associated and non HIV-associated cancers
  • HIV-associated tuberculosis
  • HIV cascade and retention in care
  • HIV clinical diagnostics (virology, immunology)
  • HIV Epidemiology
  • HIV Immunology (molecular and cellular aspects of infection/coinfections)
  • HIV Pathogenesis
  • HIV Prevention (TaSP, PreP and PEP and other preventive measures)
  • HIV Virology (molecular virology, diversity, reservoirs, persistence, latency, drug resistance, coinfections, eradication)
  • Neuropathogenesis and neurologic complications
  • Pediatric, adolescent, maternal, fetal aspects
  • Pharmacology, pharmacogenomics and drug interactions
  • Programmatic issues, implementation of diagnosis and care
  • Social and behavioural science, marginalized groups, community aspects and community surveys
  • Translational sciences (virological and immunological correlates and precision medicine)
  • Vaccines and immune-based therapies
  • Any other issue (including human genomics, microbiome, etc.)